Letter to CAS Faculty and Staff from Senior Associate Dean Cathryn Bailey and Associate Dean Ed Martini

The letter below from CAS Senior Associate Dean Cathryn Bailey and Associate Dean Ed Martini was emailed to College of Arts and Sciences faculty and staff on Friday, January 30.

This is a sad day for CAS and for Western Michigan University. Cathryn and Ed are two of the smartest, most compassionate, most ethical, and most promising young leaders on our campus. On behalf of our students, and in support of the faculty and staff, they have worked alongside CAS Dean Alex Enyedi to revitalize the College to build the kind of energy, excitement, and innovation that the university’s senior leadership should be rewarding and honoring. They would do well to emulate the leadership of Cathryn, Ed, and Alex.

CAS is a better place today in large part because of the work of these dedicated and tremendously gifted colleagues. Losing them is a terrible blow to the College and to the university. However, I understand their decision completely and having nothing but respect for them.


Dear CAS Colleagues,

It is with heavy hearts that we write to share with you that we no longer feel able to continue working in our positions as we have for the past several years. Our decision is a solemn one that is based on grave concerns both about the motives for the firing of Dean Enyedi, and about how his removal is being carried out.

That Alex is being replaced so urgently and unceremoniously, without time or opportunity for a normal process, having been informed directly of what is occurring only just this morning, is especially disturbing. In Wednesday’s message to faculty and staff, the provost stated that he has been seeking input from CAS members about how to proceed, but the nature of his communications and actions, and this breakneck pace do not inspire considered deliberation or honest dissent. We do not, then, see the voices of CAS constituents being genuinely encouraged or considered in this hasty process.

This decision is a sober one for us, and we regret the impact it will have on our colleagues and students, especially as we stand knee-deep in the important and mundane business of running the College. But given the circumstances, in which basic processes have been suspended and voices are being ignored, we see no other way to move forward with integrity, serving the deeper interests of CAS and WMU.

With warm best wishes and thanks,
Cathryn and Ed

Dr. Cathryn Bailey, Senior Associate Dean
Dr. Ed Martini, Associate Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
2316 Friedmann Hall
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008-5308