Details of tentative agreement coming soon

We know how anxiously everyone is awaiting the details of the tentative agreement reached on Friday night, and we are working on preparing a summary document that includes all the information about salary, healthcare, and other compensation (including promotion increments, overload rates, and increased limits of compensation, such as those for extra teaching and/or grant-funded work).

We hope to have that out to you by close of business today.

I hope everyone will bear with us with an understanding of the time and concentration it takes to prepare this information for publication and can wait just a bit longer. As most of you know, the last articles were decided very late Friday night, and the Executive Committee and the team were at Walwood until 1 a.m. Everyone was understandably exhausted, especially the team, and they needed (and deserved) the weekend to rest, focus on preparing for their classes this week, and catch up on other responsibilities.

I hope everyone can understand that it simply would not have been humane to have the team, chapter leadership, Executive Committee, and chapter staff continue to work through the weekend. But as I said, we absolutely understand that everyone is anxious to know all the details, and you’ll have the information soon. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Once again, thanks to all of you who came out to the chapter meeting and rally on Friday. Your support made all the difference, and on behalf of the team, the chapter leadership, and the Exec Committee, we thank you for all you’ve done.