Special chapter meeting Friday


Friday, September 5, at 1:30 p.m.
105-107 Bernhard Center

All bargaining-unit members should plan to attend this special chapter meeting. As the contract expiration deadline draws near, things are developing quickly, so there will be a lot for us to discuss. And depending on how things go at the table this week, we may also have to talk about engaging in additional actions on campus.

We need your participation in this important conversation.

Relatedly, depending on what happens in the next few days, we may need to make our feelings known in a more public way immediately following the chapter meeting, so please be prepared for that possibility on Friday afternoon. (That means we will need you to bring to the meeting any demonstration signs you may have taken with you on Monday or last Thursday and any more that you’ve made since then.)

Please plan to attend this important meeting and please do what you can to encourage colleagues to be there.

#StrongerTogether                      #GoWMUAAUP

spet1_chris-nWMU-AAUP Labor Day Rally at Western Michigan University (September 1, 2014)
Photo by Chris Nagle