Academic Program Review forum at May 15 Faculty Senate meeting

Like shared governance? Here’s a chance to share in some governance!

Faculty members with questions or concerns about the proposed Academic Program Review are strongly encouraged to attend the Faculty Senate meeting at 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 15, in rooms 208-209 of the Bernhard Center.

As you may have seen on the agenda for Thursday’s meeting (circulated Monday morning via email by the Senate staff), Associate Provost Jody Brylinski will lead a discussion on Academic Program Review and Planning immediately following the main business meeting. This will include a forum in which faculty are invited to ask questions of Dr. Brylinski, colleagues who have participated in the “beta year” reviews, and members of the Project Management Team (which includes WMU-AAUP chapter VP Bill Warren and a number of other faculty colleagues as well as chairs).

Preliminary analysis of the WMU-AAUP Spring 2014 faculty surveys (and it’s not too late to send yours in or submit it online!) suggests that many faculty members are concerned about the program review and that restoration of shared governance is a high priority for a lot of us. In that spirit, we encourage all of you to consider attending Thursday’s Senate meeting, where your questions about the program review will be welcome and where your opportunity to participate in shared governance awaits.

Click here to view the full agenda for the May 15 Faculty Senate meeting (pdf alert).

As with all Faculty Senate meetings, Thursday’s meeting is open to all faculty members. With the program review front and center on May 15, we especially encourage you to make a point of attending this one.

Whether you come with questions or just to listen, a strong showing by the faculty — even simply our physical presence in significant numbers — will help to send the messages that we are serious about shared governance, that we are deeply invested in collaborating on an academic vision that we can all believe in, and that we care enough about both to show up for a couple of hours on Thursday.

In other words, don’t miss this opportunity to come to the Faculty Senate meeting and SHARE IN SOME GOVERNANCE!