When to Call Your Grievance Officer or Contract Administrator

(269) 345-0151

Have you been summoned to a meeting with your chair or other administrator? CALL US NOW! 

Especially if you have not been fully informed about the subject of the meeting (but even if you have), we strongly recommend the following to all faculty members:

  • Do not attend such a meeting alone.
  • Consult with us as soon as possible after receiving a summons (whatever the form the summons takes – letter, email, phone, in-person contact, etc.).
  • Until you’ve talked to us, do not respond in writing to anything that you suspect (or you know) is related to disciplinary charges that may be filed against you.

Are you being pressured to accept extra work in addition to your normal workload? CALL US NOW!

Even if you are being offered compensation for extra work, we encourage all bargaining-unit members assigned additional work to call us and get our interpretation of whether what you’re being assigned and/or offered is appropriate under the contract.

Are you experiencing unexplained (or unconvincingly explained) changes in your workload, teaching schedule, or other responsibilities? CALL US NOW!

Are you facing what you believe may be punitive actions from your chair (or other administrator) for challenging decisions you feel are unjust? CALL US NOW!

Is your chair bypassing WMU-AAUP bargaining-unit faculty and using part-time faculty to staff summer classes? CALL US NOW!

Not sure whether your concern is a union issue? CALL US NOW!

If you find yourself in anything like any of these situations, or in any other situation that does not feel right to you or otherwise calls for clarification (and possibly support), call us! We are here to help you and to protect your rights.

You don’t have to wait until you’re in trouble to call us,
but if you think you might be in trouble, DON’T WAIT TO CALL US!


Grievance Officer: John Saillant
Contract Administrator: Paul Wilson (until 08/31/13)
Contract Administrator: Marilyn Kritzman (effective 09/01/13)