Demonstration TODAY – Wednesday, February 27

Demonstration TODAY – 12:30 p.m. at the Bernhard Center

Our PIO colleagues learned yesterday that the university administration is delaying ratification of the tentative agreement reached last week until the new “right-to-work” laws go into effect at the end of March.

Please plan to show up at the Bernhard Center TODAY at 12:30 for the Board of Trustees meeting to protest this dishonorable course of action by the university administration and to encourage President Dunn to ratify the PIO contract and resist further legislative interference at WMU.

The administration’s actions raise serious questions as to whether they can be trusted to negotiate in good faith with the bargaining units on this campus, including the WMU-AAUP. A strong turnout this afternoon is essential if we are to send the message that the faculty will not stand for the university’s right to institutional autonomy to be subverted. 

For more information about the PIO contract issue and why it matters to the WMU-AAUP, please refer to the yesterday’s post, “President Dunn Must Resist Legislative Interference at WMU.”

TODAY. 12:30 p.m. Bernhard Center. BE THERE!